5 Taboo Things You Should Never Say To An Escort

We’ve all been there once or twice. Maybe you had too much to drink that night or simply wasn’t thinking about what you said, but we have all experienced the intense awkwardness and anxiety of letting something slip when you know you shouldn’t have. If you find yourself in this situation commonly with your escorts, this blog will act as a guide to help you remedy these situations with a few quick tips on what to avoid saying to your companion. For those who feel like they have their conversation game down to a tee, this might still be a fun read and you might learn something you didn’t know or, you could read on and play a game with me: How many times have you said any of the 5 five things? You win if you end with zero.

“Could you stop over-acting?” 

This should go without even saying. Not only is saying this an incredibly rude and inconsiderate thing to say, but you are doing a direct disservice to the work that your escort is putting in to please you. It should be obvious that even if your date is over-acting, it is for the explicit purpose of making you feel good; so to complain about this and then make your escort feel bad or insecure about her service is not only disgustingly rude but it makes your encounter less enjoyable for both people.

The work of an escort is incredibly respectable, after all, these women are putting their bodies to use for your enjoyment. Least you could do is have some respect for them. 

“I should get a discount for how good I made you feel!”

If you are someone who would think this way and actually say this out loud, be prepared to be blacklisted from every single agency and independent directory that you ever get in contact with. Not only is this type of mindset incredibly degrading and narcissistic, but it could lead to your escort feeling unsafe or in danger around you. It’s important to keep in mind that escorting is still rather dangerous job as most girls don’t know what to expect of a client until they meet them and due to the nature of the job, it has some added anxiety with it. If you wish to be on the good side of your date, make sure to go the extra mile to make them feel safe and comfortable and do not do the opposite. 

“So you must earn a lot of money doing this!” 

This one is just plain common sense. It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to, it’s rather impolite to ask someone how much money they make and this applies to escorts too. If anything, I would personally say that this applies to escorts a lot more than anyone else because of the nature of your professional relationship. Escorting is a matter of comfort and company and many clients and escorts equally enjoy privacy and discretion of their work. For this exact reason, try not to ask about the financial side of escorting other than the amount you’re required to pay for the incredible services which you receive. 

“Do your parents know about this?” 

Or any other variation of the parent or friend question. This is a taboo question for multiple reasons. One, which should be common sense, is that you do not know the personal life of your escort and you have no idea what sort of things may be happening in their personal life. For this reason alone, it’s rather impolite to pry and intrude on someone’s private life, especially if said life isn’t exactly the smoothest. You want to focus on the moment, you and her, and not anything else. Try to immerse yourself in the moment, if you really want to strike up a conversation, try to focus on good things, ask her what she enjoys doing or if she has any favourite hobbies at the moment.

“Doesn’t sex work make you feel dirty?” 

This one is another one of those “prepare to be blacklisted” questions, although there are variations of this that could be accepted in certain strict environments. To get the common sense out of the way, it should be obvious that every escort chooses to do the work they do, most of them because they enjoy the company they provide. To ask this is to undermine their choice to do what they do which simply should not happen. 

The only situation in which this could be seen as acceptable is as part of roleplay but even then, you should really try to word your question better; without it being so inflammatory.

I hope you have found these few taboo questions useful and I hope that you take in everything you learnt from this blog and use it for good!As a good rule of thumb, I tend to tell people to try to treat escorts no differently than they would a new friend. Be respectful and comforting and do not overstep your or their boundaries. 

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