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Dating a European Girl can provide quite a different experience than dating a local Londoner, but they are certainly worth your time as these girls know how to have fun and are guaranteed to make your evening incredible. Blessed with a unique sophistication and charm that is hard to discover in the UK, these European Beauties are polite and extremely respectful when it comes to meeting their clients. You will adore their company and will be charmed to the point of just having to see them again for a second date.

Gorgeous Accents

Have you ever gone on holiday and heard a woman speaking in an accent? Some of them are enough to make your spine tingle, as they can be absolutely enchanting. It was rated by "Thought Catalog" that Italian, Spanish, Irish and French accents were in the top ten seductive accents. 

From the moment you hear a European Escort speak is the moment you will fall enchanted. So be sure to keep your Companion talking for as long as you can so you can indulge in the sexy harmonies of her voice.

A Sense of Style

It is obvious that areas like France and Italy are the Fashion Giants of the world, each having a sophisticated that can make a European Woman simply look like a goddess, with the French style adding that "masculine air" in the form of a trench coat or tight pants and the Italian's indulging in their more colourful and feminine attitudes.

You know that every time you meet with your beautiful European companion you will find her in a stunning outfit, something that will truly highlight her curves and leave you pining to see what is underneath them. If you are nice, she might even take on your suggestions on what sort of clothes you would like to be in. But be sure to be considerate and ensure that your escort is comfortable with your request!

Be Gone Sexual Shyness!

In the past, you may have thought that Europe was an area that was smothered in sexual prudence. But times have changed since then. As Comedy Writer, Brendon Lemon has said when hearing sexual noises through his apartment wall, as well as the experience of people applauding him and his girlfriend having sex,

"without having a looming religious culture surrounding their formative years, European women don’t seem to have so much shame surrounding their sexual feelings."

So when you meet your European Escort, don't feel shy about any feelings you have towards her. Be respectful and let her know what you really feel about it. As long as you are polite then your escort will be flattered by your compliments. That way you can build up the passion and romance between you two before the night ends.

The Chance to Travel

What could be more fun than the opportunity to travel with your favourite escort! Each of our International Escorts is from a different area/country in Europe, so as you get to know your beautiful charmer, you may want to consider taking your companion on a holiday to her home country. Whilst this may need to be heavily discussed between you, your escort and Movida, if an agreement is made, then you can arrange the timetable.

The chance to see a foreign wonderland filled with cultural treasures, international food, and beautiful hotels is a true chance to unwind and have your escort not only be a companion, but a translator and, potentially, a tour guide if she is local to the area. However, be sure to spoil her for the effort she has put into this trip! After all, she may want the holiday as much as you do.

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