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There’s nothing sexier than watching a sexy babe swallow your load, and there’s no better way to end a saucy session than with a cum-in-mouth service. Indulge in the dirtiest of fantasies today; call 07481896868 to book your dream girl. 

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What is so good about a CIM Experience with a Movida Escort?


Swallowing isn't something that every woman naturally enjoys doing. After all, Semen can taste a bit too salty for some people to bear. But when it comes to our London Escorts, they are confident enough to handle the taste. They know that they look sexy, but even more so when they are swallowing your load. Just imagine that tiny bit of drippage that rolls down her lips, or the bit that misses her mouth and ends up on her chin or face. She knows how to work the look so you can see her at her sexiest. A confident woman knows how to look good even when they're drinking a man's cum, so be sure to thank her appropriately for her efforts.

Not only do our Beautiful Companions feel completely fierce when they are swallowing your sticky treat, but it can actually increase the confidence of the male participant as well. A man is happiest when he is at his climax. After all, the sense of pride and feeling of sexual prowess can be displayed in a physical form for a change. Watching someone passionately swallowing his cum can really make him feel proud of his efforts, especially if his partner (our companions) look delighted at the results. For some people, this is enough to even get them hard again!

Scientific Benefits

Have you ever considered that there may actually be some scientific benefits that can come along when drinking a Man's Semen? It has recently been discovered that Semen actually contains Oxytocin, a chemical needed in order for the brain to produce a sense of happiness. Whilst this obviously won't produce a "high" (as that would be quite silly), it may make your escort instinctively feel closer to you, as it will actually increase her trust in you. This intimacy is essential if you intend to round off your meeting on a strong note.

Domination Techniques

Consent is extremely important when it comes to indulging in some domination fun or humiliation play with your escort, however, if you are both happy to proceed, then you can finish your domineering act by cumming all over the inside of her mouth. It can be extremely sexy to be rough with your escort, provided that she is happy with this treatment, so be sure to talk it over before you start any sexual act. You can straddle her face for the final CIM moment or simply lean back and hold her head to ensure she receives a serious mouth "load," literally.

I'm Ready to Indulge in my CIM Escort

If you are ready to try out a CIM Experience, then be sure to visit our Movida Gallery to make sure you can find a perfect beauty who is happy to provide this service. Make sure to look at her profile to see if CIM is listed. If it is not, then do not worry, we have other Beautiful Escorts who would be more than happy to please. Once your dream CIM Model has been located, then feel free to book her for a date. You can do this by contacting Movida Escorts by email at [email protected], phone on 07481 89 68 68 or through our online booking system if you are interested in a quicker service. From there our professional reception team will guide you through the remainder of the booking process.

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