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We know that our clients are men who expect only the best out of all of our Escorts. That's why all of our London Models is not only beautiful in mind, body and spirit, but each of them holds completely unique traits that you certainly won't be able to find in the average companion.

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An Escort with Glittering Green Eyes is like a hidden treasure. You just want to uncover her inner gems and bring them into the light to see them shine. You will feel so proud when you take her out for a date, for her attention will always be on you, and you may even start to notice a few jealous looks coming from the gentlemen around you. For your Green-Eyed Escort is truly a rare pearl and deserves your complete attention and total admiration.

Sparkling Gems

Of Course, you cannot deny that one of the most attractive parts of green eyes is the intensity of their colour. Recently, January 2019, Guy Counseling, a relationship website, asked around 90,000 website visitors what they thought the most attractive eye colour was. The most popular choice by far was Green Eyes with 42.8% voting on this category. Blue eyes on 22.59% of the votes and Brown Eyes 5%.

It seems undeniable that the majority of people love the appearance of green eyes. This is due to their intensity, their confident sheen and also their sparkle. Your own Escort's eyes will be so bright that you may even feel the need to compare them to valuable treasures, like Emeralds. Be sure to compliment your Green Eyed Escorts on the beauty of her eyes, for she will be surely using her fantastic makeup skills in order to highlight their true gorgeous sheen.

Rare Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

When it comes to choosing a truly unique beauty to have on your arm, the last thing you want is an Escort who just looks like a cardboard cutout of a sexy woman. You don't just want an everyday beauty to hang on your every word or on your own. Instead, you want a woman who stands out due to their uniquely beautiful traits.

When it comes to dating an escort with brown eyes, you will find that 55% of the world actually have a similar colour. Brown Eyes are dominant trait due to their darker colours. This is why Blue Eyes is also quite common to see. This is because of the shade of their eyes, as a lot of the colours can be dark brown or dark blue.

However, if you truly want to meet an escort with a truly unique eye colour, you just have to go after a Green-Eyed London Escort. Green Eyes actually lack melanin (dark pigmentation), thus only around 2% of people actually have that natural colouring. Even then it is combined with other shades to give it a gorgeously texturised appearance.

When you date one of Movida's Green-Eyed Beauties, you can take pride in knowing that you truly are truly meeting up with a rare gem. She is yours and yours alone for the evening, so be sure to treat her like the treasure she is.

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