If you are looking for a beautiful escort who can treat you to a relaxing GFE service in London, then here at Movida we have a huge selection of escorts available to book. All of our companions are not only stunning but have a fantastic personality to match. All of your needs and desires can be fulfilled by one of our gorgeous GFE escorts, you can book from just £200 for your first hour of incall and £250 for your first hour of outcall.

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When it comes to hiring a gorgeous escort in the modern age, you can get a lot more for your money than just a sexual experience. For Movida Escorts, we wish to encapsulate this by offering you a beautiful escort who can also be the perfect GFE companion. To book a GFE escort, call Movida on 0748 189 6868.

What is a GFE?

A Girlfriend Experience will provide you with the chance to get to know our Beautiful Models through a more intimate experience. Not everyone who wants to spend time with a beautiful lady does so just for her looks, as many want to meet a companion who can share in conversation and talk as a friend, especially for those who are feeling lonely or are just struggling to find the time to meet up with a nice friendly face. Our London GFE escorts are more than capable of fulfilling both your physical and emotional needs. 

Take our beautiful companions out on a date to remember, by wining and dining them in class. You can then have fun together in the most sensual manner, exploring each other's bodies and feeling each other's heartbeat as you fully enjoy your experience. Once completed, you can even take the opportunity to cuddle her throughout the night. If you are really nice, your escort may even offer her massage services to break you out of your daily stress and make you feel like a new man.

What can Movida Escorts offer you for a GFE?

True Intimacy

When it comes to dating your beautiful companion, Movida escorts understand that the thing that makes a date work is intimacy between the client and companion. It provides the spark needed to draw you both together, as well as fill your evening with a fun conversation that can break any icy barriers. This is why it is so important that any GFE involves genuine intimacy with your companion. Take a moment to indulge in the comfort of a beautiful lady.

Whether you have just missed the touch of another person or just need someone to talk to, our escorts are here to provide the answer to your loneliness. Even if you just want to stay up to watch the stars with a beer, our escorts will happily join you and talk to you about anything on your mind. This personal touch is what makes Movida Escorts truly stand out in comparison to any London competition.

Sensuality and Playtime

We understand that all of our clients are extremely busy people. When this time overstretches into the evening, this can leave very little time to actually meet new people and relax on a date, especially if you also throw in the idea of a long commute eating up even more of your precious hours.

This is where our London GFE Companions can truly help you. If you are struggling to keep your foot in the dating arena, our GFE Escorts are happy to meet you after work, outside of your office if need be, to go out to a restaurant or entertainment venue. Your escort will hold your hand and even allow you to kiss her and feel the companionship that you may be lacking in your life. Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam, has even said that the GFE is a:

"code for paying for things a girlfriend would do with her boyfriends such as foreplay, non-rushed sex, and cuddling."

So instead of just jumping into the bed of your escort, join her for a night of sensuality and romance. This can leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your next working day. It may even allow you to build up the confidence to reach out to a different woman and dip your toe into the dating scene in the future.

A True Listener

All of our Beautiful Escorts are fantastic listeners and are ready to help you relax and get to know you through a London GFE escort service. If you are feeling lonely, isolated or even depressed, our companions are ready to offer you a helping hand and to talk you through your problems. There will be no judgement and you can truly get your feelings out. When a Vice Reporter interviewed an escort, with the fake name "Jessica", about the Girlfriend Experience, he found that

"Jessica allowed me to use her as a sounding board for the more anxious goings-on in my life."

Our Companions understand that some of their clients are simply looking for a heart-to-heart. Life can be stressful and can become overwhelming if there is no one to talk to about our problems. So feel free to vent without any sort of repercussions. Our escorts are here to make you feel refreshed and stressfree so you can return to the world feeling ready to solve your problems.

Ready to Book?

If you have found your dream GFE companion by searching our galleries, then feel free to reach out to Movida to book your date! We can be contacted over email, [email protected], or phone on 07481 89 68 68. Another means of quickly booking a date is through our online booking tab. You will then be greeted by our friendly reception team who will guide you through the remainder of the process.

We hope you have a fantastic GFE with our beautiful escorts and look forward to hearing from you soon!