Are you and your partner looking to spice up your sex life? The perfect woman for the job awaits in our gallery of gorgeous London couples escorts.

Whether you’re looking to introduce a busty blonde or a fiery redhead to your bedroom antics, our girls will ensure you’re both sexually satisfied. Call 07481896868 today to book an escort for just £150 per hour.

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Our Bi-Sexual VIP Beauties are more than happy to entertain a couple and keep it completely professional between the three of you so that your partner can rest assured that you will not run off with a mysterious mistress once the night is over.

What can my Couple's Escort do for both of us?

Once you have decided that you are interested in meeting with a Couple's Escort, and you have both accepted that there may be extra costs that coincide with this service, then our escort would be happy to give you and your partner equal attention to make sure that you are both emotionally and sexually satisfied.

Her services during the evening may be varied, but your companion would be more than happy to discuss your expectations and tally up a total cost. If you have a specific service that you are after from an escort, be sure to check out their profiles to ensure that this service is listed alongside her

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Couple's Escort?

Not only can a couple's escort reintroduce a spark into your relationship, but it can give you the opportunity to explore some of your dirtiest fantasies. Have you ever imagined your partner becoming sexual with a fellow woman? Now you can watch the fireworks explode before joining in the action yourself. It is the perfect way to sexually satisfy yourself as well as your partner. However, be sure to give as much attention to your partner as you give to your escort, as you do not want them feeling left out or jealous, after all, your escort will be trying to balance both of you at once!

Where should we meet our Couple's Escort?

This depends entirely on whether or not you are comfortable with an Incall or Outcall. Most of our Escorts are happy to meet you before your main date night in a coffee shop or somewhere public where you can discuss what services you are expecting.

Once you have come to a consensus on what you will do for the evening, you can invite her to a hotel room or to your home. However, your escort would be also happy to welcome you into her own home for the evening. Her home will be immaculate and will have just the right ambience to ensure that the atmosphere is practically palpitating with sexuality. Pick what would feel most comfortable for you and your partner, as your companion would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

How do we meet our Couple's Escort?

Once you have picked your London Model from our Gallery and have found someone who will provide the exact services you are interested in, then feel free to contact Movida to arrange your booking. We can be contacted through email at [email protected], phone on 07481 89 68 68 or through our online booking system. From there, you will be guided through the remainder of the booking process by our helpful reception team.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and Hope you enjoy your Date.