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Welcome to our Blue-Eyed escorts gallery here at Movida, the go-to place to find beautiful escorts with blue eyes available to book in London! If you are the kind of client who knows exactly the kind of girl they want to meet, we have you covered here at Movida - you can find your perfect blue-eyed escort here at our agency!

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We understand here at Movida that our clients often come to our agency knowing exactly what kind of escort they want to book - there are those who have a vague idea of the type of escort that they want, chosing between a brunette and a blonde for example, but this gallery is specifically designed for those who want to book the perfect escort for them down to every minute detail!

Natural Blue-Eyed-Escorts are extremely rare and you will find that the very hue of her eyes can truly change up her appearance. If they are a dark blue then you may find that they have a mysterious quality, but light blue eyes have a light-hearted and optimistic appeal. Pick the right sort of hue that you will find tantalising, and you know that you will always feel sexually excited around your beautiful companion. 

You can book your chosen blue-eyed escort here at Movida by calling our agency on  07481 89 6868 and we will be arrange a booking with your chosen blue-eyed companion over the phone in minutes! Your dream encounter with a stunning lady in London is just a phone call away!

A Truly Stunning Colour

When you meet someone with bright blue eyes, you are instinctively drawn to their faces. After all, they are a stunningly beautiful colour and sometimes you just need to admire true loveliness when you see it.

Each colour of blue is truly unique when it comes to eye hues, that is why when you meet one of our Blue Eyed Models, you will never have the same colour twice. Whether the colour of blue is stark, soft or deep, each comes with their own emotional backdrop and aura. You will find yourself starting to feel practically hypnotised by her stare. A blue-eyed gaze is tantalising and you will always find it difficult to look away from her.

Be sure to compliment your companion on her sweet stare, for she will surely soften up for you if you are kind to her.

Smarts and Beauty

When you normally think of Blue Eyes, you may naturally associate them with Blonde hair and, unfortunately, a "ditzy" stereotype. However, just because blonde hair may have this connotation does not mean that blue eyes should be brought into the same category.

A British Study in 2007 actually showed that those with Blue Eyes actually are smarter at certain tasks. These tasks mainly included strategic thinking. The Blue Eyed Participants actually performed better in tasks that required long-term thinking, such as golf, chess or running activities. However, Brown-Eyed people in the study appeared to have quicker reaction times in comparison to Blue Eyed People, though this did not necessarily mean that they succeeded at the task they were asked to complete.

Emotional Resonance

All Escorts are Emotional Creatures. After all, they want to connect with you throughout the date and make you feel warm and welcome in their arms. One of the best things about having a blue-eyed escort is due to how expressive their eyes can be.

Think about it, having light blue eyes means that the emotion that they show is not disguised by a dark colour. Instead, they can remain expressive. If your Escort is happy, you will adore seeing her eyes shine out. After all, you are the very reason why she is happy in the first place. Although not all of our escorts wear their hearts completely on their sleeves, you will always be able to know what our escorts are thinking. So feel free to maintain sensual eye contact with our blue-eyed beauties over dinner, or even during a more intimate moment in the bedroom.

Get ready for a night to remember with a Blue-Eyed Escort!

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