These days, the last thing you want to do is stigmatise a woman because of her height. Tall Women are some of the most gorgeous women about. They are Amazonian Goddesses in their own right, thus deserve to be treated like royalty.

By Incall Price
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It is time for Tall Women to realise just how beautiful they actually are. No longer should the mentality exist that a relationship/partnering needs to consist of a Tall Man and Short Woman. Instead, all shapes and sizes should be appreciated for what they are: beautiful.

If you are the sort of man that knows exactly how to appreciate a Taller Movida Model, then it is time for you to contact our agency in order to make your booking with a beauty from our London gallery. Take your time whilst viewing our gorgeous goddesses. Each has legs that stretch on for miles and that look fantastic in any sort of glossy tights.

Beautiful Legs

When you look at a Tall Escort, once you have finished admiring her beautiful face, then you will instinctively want to take a peek at her legs. For a Man, long legs are a sign of "Visual Foreplay". After all, whether they are bare or covered in the silky smooth texture of tights, you will soon find that every time she moves her legs you will notice it. Whether she is stretching them out, crossing them or even stroking one leg with the other, you will glide over her toned calves and back of her muscles all the way down to her toes. Just imagine being able to roll your hands over them. It is an incredibly sexy thought!

This fantasy will only become sexier when you and your escort finally meet and your fantasies are brought into reality.

Science tells no Lies!

Of course, if you need some evidence to back up why Taller Women naturally appeal to their clients, an internet study, held on Quora, found that men preferred women with longer than average legs, as well as those who had a higher leg length to body ration. This is due to how long legs make the bodies of women look naturally more proportionate. Consider it, an hourglass shape consists of a tiny waist with a curve that goes out at the hip and then down at the leg. Travelling up a Tall Woman's legs gives the viewer more space to admire their beauty. So, if you decide to go on a date with a tall Movida Escort, be sure to compliment your beauty on her gorgeous legs. Your Model will most certainly accept your kind words and may even let you get a closer look at them.

Tangled legs

Once you have experienced the bliss of intimacy with one of our Beautiful Ladies, then you obviously need to spend a little bit of time cuddling in bed. Take a peek at her legs and you will see how they sexily slink beneath the covers of a bed to entangle themselves in yours. It is not really cuddling unless you find your tall model curving her legs around your own. You will shiver in ecstasy when you feel her soft foot stroking up and down the curve of your own leg. For with tall legs comes the ability to stretch to any sort of place on your body.

Thick Thighs

A woman just isn't the same without her curves. Thick Thighs are one of the juiciest parts of a healthy woman, especially if she has an hourglass figure and a beautiful bust-line to match. A woman with skinny legs and no meat on her bones just isn't as pleasant to touch as a woman who has long and thick thighs. The more you travel down her legs, and remove any articles of clothing with your travels, the more you will feel how warm and soft her legs truly are. In answer to a question about whether men liked bigger thighs on girlsaskguys.com, one user, BluMac81, even said

"I just think what society says in terms of what is attractive and unattractive is way off base, and I'm surprised that in this enlightened age girls of average or thick proportions are on a never-ending mission to look like the girl with the stick legs"

A woman with a combination of thick thighs and long legs are naturally going to have a beautiful curvy shape. So be sure to take full advantage of her beautiful legs by truly worshipping them alongside the rest of your Tall Goddesses Body.

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