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Welcome to our Brown-Eyed escorts gallery here at Movida, here you can find the greatest selection of brown-eyed escorts you can possibly find in London. These companions not only possess beautiful brown eyes, but they are all passionate ladies eager to provide you with the incredible evening that you expect when you book an escort from Movida!

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When it comes to finding your perfect escort, we know that you will want to go to great lengths to ensure that your chosen companion is nothing short of perfect. If you love brown-eyed ladies then you have come to the right place - our Brown-Eyed Escorts are ready to make sure that you get lost in the dazzling sparkle of their gaze both in and outside of their more intimate moments with you.

So take your time to truly indulge in your Brown Eyed Beauty, for all of our Movida Companions have a gaze that can strike a romantic passion into any man. You can book your chosen Brown-Eyed escort by calling our agency on 07481 89 6868 today!

A Confident Colour

Naturally, when you see a dark-eyed woman, you may want to see the womanly passion and excitement associated with this sort of colour. If you look into a pair of brown eyes then you may start to feel safe, warm and comforted. After all, behind that gaze is a strong, independent woman who knows exactly what she wants. The strength of her gaze is all it takes to make a man feel at ease.

Her gaze shows that she is in control and that she has the intelligence needed to make sure that you have a fantastic night together. Her brown eyes highlight hidden mental scheduling that she is going through in her mind to make sure you are happy. She knows how to make you feel it is, and will always feel confident enough to let her take control of the night.

Trust Worthy Individuals

Brown Eyes, their shape, colour and texture, allow people to feel naturally comfortable with looking at them. It also allows people to feel like they can quickly connect due to strong eye contact, thus allowing them to feel like the brown-eyed beauty is far more trustworthy than someone with blue or green eyes.

This was proven by research that was conducted in the Czech Republic, where university students were asked to look at photographs of 80 fellow students, and thusly rate them on a 10-point scale on how trust worth they appeared.

The results of the study showed that people with brown eyes were perceived as significantly more trustworthy than those with blue eyes. One of the study's overseers exclaimed that this was because:

"It is not brown eyes that cause this perception. It is the facial morphology linked to brown eyes."

Your Escort's Face Shape will always suit her eyes and will be ultimately aesthetically pleasing for any sort of occasion. Your Escort will always know how to make brown eyes stand out on her face, for they are her most striking feature, and the soft palette makeup can either change her into a gentle beauty or a smokey temptress. Either way, you will always have a beauty that is ready to please you in any way that she can. All of our Movida Escorts are ready to reinvent their look based on the sort of sexual fantasy you had in mind.

The only thing that won't change? Their big brown eyes, of course!

A Mix of Beautiful Colours

Naturally, when you think of brown eyes, you may think of one plain colour that does not stand out. You see brown and you think of a common colour that has no sense of beauty to it. But this is not true, especially not for our Movida Escorts.

Our Escort's Brown Eyes are all completely unique and are made up of a variety of different colours, including Hazel, Auburn and even a little hint of Yellow, Orange or Green. The different colours and textures make all of our Brown Eyed Companions have eyes that practically shine out. From the moment you give her a glance, you will become entranced in her stare.

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