When it comes to finding the perfect companion, you may have a hidden inner fear that the woman you see in the photos is the not woman you are going to meet up. Everyone has heard of catfish stories, where it turns out that a lady has been faking her identity online or, even worse, it was never even a woman to begin with! The last thing that Movida wants to do is cause our clients any sort of stress or worry. This is why we will always have our beautiful companions include a recent selfie to show that they are the real deal.

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What is a Selfie?

As technology has improved on Mobile Phones, so have the possibilities in relation to photograph options. We have become using our phones in order to take photographs of all of our most treasured memories, but with the selfie feature, it is now possible to take a front shot of ourselves. The Selfie allows us to capture the perfect image of our faces in a comfortable environment. Whether that is in your own living room, on holiday or even at a party, you can make sure that everyone is in the frame when you capture your most precious moments.

Our escorts want to make sure that you can see them at their best, which is why they are happy to take selfies for you to enjoy. This way they can show you a little hint of what they look like beneath the glamour or just relax in their own home. That way you can feel like you are meeting a real woman rather than just someone you see in a glamorous photoshoot.

Real to a Fault

The best thing about having a selfie next to a professional picture of your beautiful escort is that you can make your own comparisons. No longer do you need to be worried about whether or not a model's looks have been enhanced by a computer. Instead, you can do your own research and make an independent decision on whether or not you want to see a specific type of escort from our Gallery. No longer do you need to worry about being "duped." For Movida Escorts, honesty is extremely important as a bond between our agency, our escorts and our clients. We would never want that bond to break, which is why our Selfie Escorts will always be able to give you a little more confidence in your selection. You will get to see behind the photo lens of our professional cameras and simply enjoy the natural beauty of our lovely ladies.

Natural Comforts

Sometimes it can just be comforting to see a woman in her own skin. Instead of being dressed up to the nines with an endless amount of makeup, you want to see her without there being a potential filter or photoshop job being involved. Why have a fake barbie doll when in reality you could have a real woman? A woman does not need to be fully made up to be beautiful. In fact, here at Movida, we fully encourage our sexy models to be themselves. We know that all of our lovely ladies are individuals and celebrate this diversity. All of our clients are after a different type of woman, some of which are just simply natural beauties.

For Nina Sarkar, a former model at Elite Model Management, they defined natural beauty as having a naturally pretty face, confidence and good health, stating:

"When I say good health, it reflects on your body in the form of glowing skin, rosy lips and shining hair. We talk about having beautiful ‘features’- but features don’t just mean eyes, etc.- even your skin, the glow and the texture of your hair can be considered a ‘feature’."

When your Escort takes a selfie of herself, she is going to be in a comfortable environment and looking however she pleases. She will do what makes her feel good, meaning that she will also look good. You will love being able to see your chosen escort when she looks relaxed as it will give you a good impression of how she will act on the date and in your company.

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From there, you will be guided through the remainder of the process by our professional reception team. Our team is extremely friendly and would be happy to answer any of your questions. Your discretion and privacy will always be their biggest concern, so you will be able to relax and simply look forward to meeting your beautiful date.

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