Can You Book an Escort with Your Partner?

Let’s talk about threesomes - the ménage à trois, the ultimate trifecta of carnal pleasures.

It’s a fantasy shared by many men and women alike… and one that often crops up in conversations between open-minded couples. Maybe you and your partner have been toying with the idea for a while, and after all the fantasising, you’ve reached the point where you’re thinking: “Fuck it. Let’s do it.”

Well, hold on just a minute. Before you indulge in such an experience, there are a few important considerations: Is a threesome the right choice for us as a couple? And if so, can we book a couples escort to join us? Let’s find out:


Why Do Couples Have Threesomes?

It’s a fair question, and the reasons behind this pursuit of pleasure are many.

First off, it’s all about deepening the bond and cranking the excitement up to 11. Such an intimate and thrilling experience can bring two partners closer than ever, bringing that much-needed zing to their love life.

Even the most passionate couples can benefit from a little novelty. Bringing a third person into the mix can turn those routine nights into a fresh and exciting escapade like no other, allowing them to push boundaries in a safe, consensual setting.

Oh, and let’s not forget the sheer fun of it. Threesomes are a playful, exhilarating escape from the every day - the perfect way to spice things up whilst boosting your sexual confidence. We’re talking about not one, but two bodies to explore and indulge in! What’s not to love?

Is a Threesome a Good Idea For Us?

Threesomes can be a wild ride for you, your partner, and the “lucky guest” - that much is true. However, the enjoyment shared by all involved boils down to the strength and dynamics of your relationship.

If you and your partner are toying with the idea of a threesome, take the time to think about why you want one. If you’re both eager to explore this fantasy together for mutual pleasure, then an exhilarating and bonding adventure is on the cards. But if one of you is more turned on by the idea than the other, we’re afraid this spells bad news.

You also need to remember that everyone is wired differently. Some can’t handle seeing their partner with someone else, and that’s perfectly okay! Many couples rush into threesomes thinking they can handle it in the heat of the moment, only to have jealousy rear its ugly head. Our advice? Be open and honest with each other, and ensure you’re both on the same page and ready for what lies ahead.

With threesomes, a strong relationship can become even stronger, while a shaky one might fall apart. If the two of you don’t think you’re ready, you’re probably not… and that’s fine! Give it some time, strengthen your bond, and before you know it, the idea of a threesome will resurface before you know it.

So… Can We Book an Escort as a Couple?

Still here? Well then, it seems you’ve both decided that a threesome is on your bucket list. The next step is figuring out who your third will be. Finding a willing participant can be trickier than it seems, and we advise against involving friends or close acquaintances. Instead, why not explore…

...our diverse gallery of couples escorts in London!

Our VIP bisexual beauties are experts at making threesomes enjoyable, professional and memorable. These ladies love nothing more than entertaining couples like yourselves, ensuring both partners feel emotionally and sexually satisfied. They’re the best at what they do, and what they do best is putting curious couples like you at ease.

Which Couples Escort Would Be Best For Us?

Whether you’re dreaming of a busty blonde or a fiery redhead to spice up your bedroom antics, our escorts are here to ensure you both leave completely satisfied.

However, with so many stunning ladies to choose from, picking the perfect one is easier said than done. Luckily for you, Movida Escorts has got you covered. Let us introduce you to our top favourites:


If you’re a couple looking for a night of intense passion and steamy fun, you need a mature goddess with experience. Say hello to Fernanda!

This brunette beauty, with her tantalizing 36DD bust, i all about making your fantasies come true, and trust us, she’s very, very good at it.


Young, blonde, and busty - Debora is your go-to couples escort for a night of unbridled excitement.

Ready for some cheeky fun and wild escapades? Debora is eager to join in and turn up the heat.


If you’re dreaming of a Barbie-lookalike, Merlot is your girl.

This Eastern European’s long blonde hair and large 34C enhanced bust make her an irresistible addition to any threesome.


Tall, olive-skinned, and experienced in all manner of erotic mischiefs, Lora is the mature stunner who knows how to please.

She’s catered to many thrill-seeking couples and now she’s got her sights set on you two.

No matter which of our couples escorts in London you choose, be sure to check out their profiles for specific services. Whether you’re into BDSM, roleplay, or something even kinkier, these ladies are ready to make your wildest dreams come true!

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