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Here at Movida we want to ensure that our clients feel as safe and comfortable booking our London escorts as possible. The world of escorting has a generally negative reputation among the general population, especially if you are still new to the practices and are looking to learn more information about it.

Due to the controversy surrounding Escorts and the grey area concerning their practices, you may start to feel worried that by hiring an escort you are partaking in an illegal practice. But that is most certainly not the case. We have written this post to ease your mind when it comes to booking escorts and ensure that you know everything you need to know in order to 

Is Escorting Illegal?

One of the main things that you need to know about Escorting is that it is not an illegal practice. Whilst it is illegal to own brothels or conduct “soliciting practices”, prostitution is not illegal. The premise of Escorting and agency websites lies in the fact that the services offered are not sexual. Instead, they are offers of Entertainment. All of our beautiful companions are professional social entertainers and are here to accompany any client out for a date.

If the client is lonely or in need of company, then our Companions can provide the key to making the client feel better. Whether they feel lonely, depressed or even isolated, just meeting a beautiful woman/man for a date can elevate any forms of stress and make them feel wanted and needed. These services are not only for romance but to assist with a client’s state of mind.

Whether you have just left a messy relationship, are struggling to find time to date, or just lack the confidence when it comes to meeting women, hiring a beautiful escort is the perfect way to get yourself back in the game of romance. You can practice your romantic skills, pick times for your dates based on your schedule, as well as work up the confidence to move from your escorts to the dating scene itself.

Why do such Beautiful Women become Escorts?

When new clients, or those considering becoming an escort, think about the escorting world, they tend to think of Companions as women who earn money from looking pretty. However, escorts are not dolls and nor do they deserve to be treated as such. Each is an experienced entertainer. They have worked hard to craft themselves into the perfect appearance of a "dream" woman. This means that they are flexible enough to fulfill different romantic archetypes (such as the temptress or the girl-from-next-door), just through their appearances, social interactions, and their conversations.

Some Companions are solely interested in the experiences that can be obtained from Escorting. After all, they get the opportunity to meet new people, get taken out to some of the classiest venues and sometimes even get to go on holiday with their clients. Others do it due to the flexibility of the profession. They get to go out on dates when they want and for as long as they want. That means if they need to fit in important appointments or have personal commitments, these can be shaped around their timetables easily. However, others simply are interested in the money they can make from each date. Haley, a brunette escort, even told ABCNews, during an interview:

"I'm not doing this forever, but the money is too good."

Some escorts can make around £8,000 for just a weekend date alone, depending on what services are required and how long the date lasts. Whilst this may look attractive, it is important to keep in mind that the money you earn does depend on how many dates you have. This means your income may some days be extremely lucrative, whilst other days there may be far less than expected.

Are all Escorts stereotypical "Pretty Girls?"

One of the worst things that you can do is stereotype your escort. Whilst she may have a "pretty face", that does not mean that she does not come with her own interests and qualifications. The Ladies that Escorting Agencies hire are all extremely intelligent, some holding "nerdish" interests, whilst some even hold degrees. Just because they have chosen to be an escort does not mean that they are not an individualised human being.

Treat your Companion as a unique woman and listen to her. After all, her conversation will be full of life and you just might learn something new from her!

How do I know if an Escort is real online?

The Internet can be a scary place if you do not know what you are looking for online. Clients that have had bad experiencing whilst hiring an escort may be turned away from using an agency, as some companions may not even use their own photos to attract customers. Worse still, there are others that may photoshop themselves to look more attractive in their photos than in real life.

This is why it is up to the agency itself to sort through the fake companions. Respectable Agencies, like Movida, will always arrange meetings or video calls to ensure an Escort looks the same as her photos. If you notice a lack of information about your chosen escort, or if her photos do not look realistic, then try and find a different agency to book with. Movida always uses professional photographs from either a personalised photographer or by acquiring selfies from the models. That way you can ensure that the lady you meet will always be real.

Is the Escorting Industry Dangerous?

Whilst the Escorting Industry is not as dangerous as it used to be, like any profession within the Adult Industry, it comes with its drawbacks. Some clients are known to be unkind or even violent to their escorts, however, if this does happen then the Escort does have the right to terminate the date. No Escort should take any sort of violence or abuse from a client. After all, they are worth better than that. Not only should this sort of client be reported to the agency immediately, but if you are worried about the client in the future, they can be reported to National Ugly Mugs, the sex worker's anonymous reporting scheme. There are even websites, like SAAFE, that can post warnings about different clients and how to avoid them.

No self-respecting Escorting Agency would allow any sort of abuse to happen to their Escorts. The basic mentality of Escorts should always be No Safety = No Service.

How do I book my Escort but maintain my privacy?

Don't worry. Whenever you book an Escort online, for instance with Movida, you will have an agency that will always maintain your privacy. Whether you book via Email ([email protected]), Phone (07481 89 68 68), or through the Agency's Online Booking Form. When you are guided through the remainder of the process by the agency's reception team, then they will always maintain your discretion. Should you be worried about anyone finding out about your date, then you can arrange it to be an Incall where you can travel to meet your escort. That way you will not have any nosy neighbors getting into your business should you want to visit your escort.

Do you have any additional questions?

If you are struggling to find the answer to your question, whether it concerns Movida or the Escorting World in general, Movida would be more than happy to give you the information you need to feel comfortable with your future booking. Should you need information then feel free to contact us via email. That way, our reception team can answer your question without there being any potential miscommunications.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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