Date Ideas In Royal Oak

Despite being a quieter area of London, Royal Oak still has plenty to offer anyone nearby looking to spend a few hours with one of our Royal Oak escorts. It is known for its tranquility, making it the perfect place for you to get a little quiet time and relax with one of our beautiful young or mate models. You’re more than welcome to get ideas on hotspots from your companion, however we thought we’d offer up some of our own ideas for the best date spots.

The Best Restaurants in Royal Oak

When it comes to a classic romantic date, there is nothing wrong with deciding on a simple dinner at a restaurant. After all, it all depends on the right atmosphere to enhance the intimacy between you and your beautiful escort. If you are after a great night in Royal Oak, you and your escort just have to visit one of these fantastic restaurants:

For a Taste of Contemporary French Cuisine: Bistro82

For a Classic Italian Meal: Bizzaro

For American Bliss: Dirty Bones Carnaby

For a Mixture of Good Cocktails and Italian Dining: D'Amato's


One of the best features of the Royal Oak is its canals. Not only do they run up and down the majority of the area, but they have also actually been named as the "Little Venice Canals", as they reflect the beauty of the canals in Venice with their small gondolas and water-side cafe culture.

If you are feeling romantic, why not high out a pedalo, gondola or boat and take a quick trip down the canal? It is the perfect place if you are looking for some alone time with your Royal Oak escort, as you can bring along your own picnic and glass of wine! Be sure to pack a map of the canals to make sure that you can steer to your favorite locations, including Bayswater and Soho. You can even stop off at the Rembrandt Gardens to enjoy your picnic surrounded by flowers and wildlife!

Tranquil Spas

It is difficult having to get up to endure a heavy work routine on a daily basis. This is why you and your beautiful London Companion completely deserve to be allowed to relax together. That is why you should consider visiting one of Royal Oak's nearby spas. These include "Porchester Spa" and "Rolle Therapy." These spas include a varied array of massage treatments and spa facilities for you both to enjoy. You can relax at the pool with a cocktail, or you can simply sit back in the sauna or a jacuzzi as you and your escort make small talk. Simply relax and enjoy!

How To Book A Royal Oak Escort

For all bookings you can either get in contact with us directly on 07481896868 or fill out a form online. It’s completely free to call, and if you do we’ll be more than happy to provide further information on girls and can offer further recommendations on places in Royal Oak, such as bars and clubs.

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