How to Make A Great Escort Profile

Are you an escort hoping to make your mark In the industry? Or are you an aspiring adult-industry worker hoping to get your career off to a strong start? A great place to start is creating an eye-catching, well-thought-out profile. 

Not only does it help you to attract more bookings, but it helps give potential punters an idea of what they can expect from an evening with you. But how do you do it?

In this blog, we’ll be explaining how to create an irresistible profile, sharing tips from our most successful models. Prepare to learn from the best, make a lasting impression, and set your career off soaring!

Create a Gorgeous Gallery

Your gallery plays a pivotal role in your booking potential, especially in a city as competitive as London. So, putting together a breathtaking selection of visual content should be at the top of your priority list.

What Are The Escort Gallery Must-haves

The first thing you should make sure is that, in your gallery, you look at your absolute best. After all, you want potential punters to see the very best version of you, so take a bit of time prior to your shoot to invest in your allure. 

Whether it’s getting a fresh hairstyle or indulging in a bit of self-care, do whatever it takes to project a polished and sexy appearance. 

Next, make sure it’s cohesive. While variety is great, you don’t want visitors to be unsure which version of you they’ll be meeting. To prevent this stumbling block, ensure your gallery has recent and authentic images that all tie in with one another. 

And finally, include images that reflect the services you offer. For example, Mistress Kalista’s profile clearly indicates that she is a BDSM dominatrix. Her gallery is perfectly on-brand, from her stunning latex clothes to her use of domination accessories. Take note, ladies!

  • Top Tip: Video footage is a huge trend in the escort industry right now, so try to incorporate some into your profile. This will make your profile stand out from the crowd and work wonders in getting punters hot under the collar for you.

For more detailed insight into how to create video/photo content, be sure to check out our blog. 

Work On a Spellbinding Bio

A great profile is nothing without a great bio. It can be the difference between captivating your audience or leaving them feeling indifferent. 

Why Are Bios So Important?

Your bio offers the first glimpse into your personality, interests, attributes, kinks and everything in between. Not only that, it helps to match you with the most relevant clientele, filtering out those that don’t align with your service offerings.

Most escort agencies require their talent to write their bios, but here at Movida Escorts, we do things differently. When you join us, we’ll interview you, learning about what makes you unique. 

Our content team will then get to work, ensuring that your bio paints a great picture of you as an individual. So, if you want a great profile without the fuss, joining our agency is the way forward.

Clearly Outline Your Services/Extra Charges

And finally, be clear on your profile when it comes to your services. You should be fully transparent about what services you offer and what prices you charge for them. 

If you charge extra for specific services than your base charge, be sure to specify this on your profile. For instance, if you look at Julia’s profile, you can see that she charges extra for the likes of CIM and A Level. This ensures that her clients know exactly what to expect and can arrive for their booking with full payment for what service they’d like. 

Top Tip: If you have a specific time range in which you are available, disclose it on your profile! For instance, if you only offer late-night services, make a clear indication of that in your bio/services list. 

This not only allows you to be matched with the most relevant punters, but it also prevents miscommunications, which might slow down bookings. Something that no escort wants!

We hope that you’ve learned a thing or two about crafting the perfect escort profile. Whether you’re a newcomer to the escort scene or a seasoned professional, try out some of these tips for yourself. Trust us, your bookings will be soaring in no time.

If this has inspired you to join us, fill out our employment form. We are always on the lookout for exciting new talent and would love to chat with you! 


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