Top 6 Benefits Of Hiring an Escort

It is natural to have concerns about booking an escort for the first time. The taboo, legality of the service, or just first-time nerves can all act as barriers between you and a good time! Here at Movida escort agency, we are committed to making you feel at ease and explaining the benefits of adding a London escort to your life.

Firstly, escorting is legal in the UK because it sells time to clients rather than sexual services. However, what two consenting adults wish to do with that time is entirely up to them, so you can be sure an escort will meet all your needs. 

Additionally, we are conscious of how nerve-racking it can be to meet an escort for the first time. Our user-friendly booking process ensures you meet the lady of your dreams without a hitch. Our models are stunning ladies who know how to cater their services to each client, taking everything at your own pace and endeavouring to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

Still unsure whether to hire an escort? We have listed six benefits hiring an escort can give you, from becoming your best sensual self to raising your self-esteem:


Hiring an escort is a great way to explore pleasure in new and exciting ways! Escorts in London are experts in providing the highest satisfaction levels due to their professional experience. Their gorgeous appearance and friendly demeanour will make you feel at ease whilst exploring your deepest fantasies.

Escorts also offer a range of services. For example, at Movida, we cater for every desire. Whether you're a fan of blonde ladies or effortlessly slim models, our gallery is full of seductive women. On top of this, they offer a range of services listed on their profile to give you the experience you have always dreamt of. Whether you are yet to explore pleasure through a roleplay fantasy or have yearned to enter the world of domination, escorts are a great way to explore new sensual experiences.

Increased Self-Esteem

Average relationships may not have worked out in the past for you because of a lack of self-esteem. Don't worry! We've all been there, and raising your sense of self-worth can be challenging! Escorts are experts in helping you increase your esteem. Zara, for example, is a stunning lady and a great listener who works with you so you become more confident in your sensuality.

She will help you overcome any barriers to improving your self-esteem. Renowned for her girlfriend experience, she can give you a realistic depiction of a relationship so you can learn and grow as a person within one. Once you've had a few sessions with Zara, you will become more confident in yourself and express yourself in ways that will leave even the most experienced escort wanting more! 


London escorts, especially at Movida, are committed to providing a safe experience. Going out for a one-night stand can be intimidating, and you never know who is out there or what they could do. The safety of all of our escorts is checked and confirmed before they are put on our site to ensure our clients enjoy their time with an escort worry-free.

Secondly, suppose you want to try a new experience for the first time, potentially a facet of BDSM that you are worried about approaching. In that case, a professional escort service is the safest way to explore kinks and fetishes. With a stranger or someone clueless about domination, they may take a sex game too far, and your safety could be at risk.

Movida escorts are professionals who understand how to take you to the heights of pleasure whilst knowing when to stop. When exploring BDSM fantasies with each other, they will ease you in and go at your own pace to ensure you are comfortable throughout. 


Life is stressful, right? You might work an intense job that leaves little room for relief, or you may have personal issues within your relationships. Either way, booking an escort is a great way to unwind and distract yourself from the problems you face. Our most popular service at Movida is an erotic massage that stimulates you sensually and is a great way to relieve tension!


Escorts are gorgeous girls that ooze sex appeal, but they offer world-class companionship services as well. It can be hard to connect with individuals, but our escorts are some of the most friendly and intelligent women in London. Why not forge a real connection with a lady through a series of dates, discussing each other's interests and hobbies?

Estella loves being a companion to attractive gentlemen more than anything, interested in learning about new people and is stimulated by their interests. The most crucial aspect of escort services that makes them better than ordinary companions is how stunning they are. Regardless of their features, each escort will leave you enchanted whilst you form a magical relationship together. 


All of our London escorts understand how to deliver high-level service. They are confident, self-assured women who will put you at ease, knowing you are receiving a fantastic experience as soon as you meet them. 

One-night stands can often feel empty and unsatisfying, but no strings attached evenings with a professional escort can remedy this perfectly. Whether you are looking for something a little adventurous or someone to explore your unique fetishes with, you can do so judgement free with an elite Movida escort. 

How to Book

Confident that hiring an escort is the right thing for you? Why don't you go ahead and book? We've made our booking process as simple as possible for first-timers, but you should keep these tips and tricks in mind before you book.

Each model has her prices listed on her profile, the cost of your experience depending on the lady herself, how much time you want to spend with her and the services she provides. Once you have found the perfect woman within your budget, you must check if she offers the desired service. Whilst most escorts cater to various tastes, you want to avoid booking a girl thinking she offers an A-level service when she does not. 

We advise checking everything on her profile, from services to availability, so you are sure of what you are paying for before you book. Afterwards, however, you are good to go! Head to our booking page and fill out the form to make your escort fantasy a reality!

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