What Makes A Successful Escort?

This is a very tricky question to answer as really there is not right or wrong answer as everyone is each to their own when it comes to opinions and everyone will have different beliefs when it comes to what makes the best escorts and agencies and we at Movida Escorts would like to give you our thoughts on what we think makes the perfect escort.

A big problem in the industry is everyone thinks that only the most “beautiful” escorts maker money and this is a big conspiracy and not true in the slightest and again this all comes down to what you define as “beauty” because everyone is each to their own when it comes to women. Just because a woman makes a lot of money in a short period of time doesn’t define her as being “successful” and there is a lot more to it than this, if you want to be a successful escort and be at the top of the game then you have to give out fantastic services time and time again and create a great reputation with the clientele you are working with whether you are an agency girl or work independently this is where you become successful and word will get around that you are a fantastic and professional girl and before you know it you will be one of the most popular escorts in your area.

Working full time is not easy no matter what job or industry you are in and each job has its implications and dilemmas which you have to tackle on a daily basis and this does imply for the escort industry as well, working full time in the industry for a period of time and earning money is great you know but it does not mean you will be successful for the rest of your life and things can fall through the roof in no time, all it can take is a few bad reviews of highly reputable sites in the industry such as Punternet or Captain 69 and before you know it nobody is calling for you and everything you have been working hard for is gone just like that, it’s a very tempermental industry where in order to succeed you need to be on your game at all times and treat every client that you meet with passion and show him that you want to be there with him, this is where it separates the girls from the woman and the girls who do this go on to be a lot more successful with a guaranteed job and money from the industry.

There are many websites which you can check out which have a blacklist of escorts on there and once you end up here you are basically doomed as no one is going to book an aggressive or girl who just turns up to get paid, for example, WorldEscortMap have a big list of blacklisted clients and girls which get emailed out on a daily basis and they do get read because people want to know who not to waste their money on so be sure to not end up on here or you may want to look for work elsewhere…

If you are an agency girl then be sure to always pay your agency fees, don’t think they will let it slide and you will be sure to be kicked off the agency website in no time and don’t think it won’t go unheard of, other agency owners do talk to each other and you will struggle to get work which won’t help with you becoming successful in the escort industry!

If you want to earn the most money then you need to be working for the “big boys” in the escort game which are receiving the most traffic and bookings in your area, this is a no brainer really but if you start joining all these new agencies instead of the old and established ones then you will be waiting a long time before you are earning a sustainable income and so we advise that you search on google for your area and keyword, ideally, you would probably want to apply to the top 20 ranking agencies in order to make a good way of living for yourself, you are not guaranteed to get to them all but it’s a very good start to become successful.

Another great tip is to make yourself stand out from the crowd, offer something different which other girls don’t, you know what they say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this industry, it’s worth more, your bookings will come through your imagery so make sure it’s done properly and professionally but also tease the boys at the same time and don’t go to over the top on the photoshopping if you don’t go down that root, another great tip is to even offer a “selfie” photo on your profile but again this could lead to your social life being tied in with your escort life so it is a risk but it will pay off in terms of earning money and being successful.

We feel that if you were to follow our guide and take note of what we have said you will become such a better escort than what you currently are, it’s really about customer service and what you offer to the gents and don’t forget your manners, being polite costs nothing in this day and age and believe me it will also help you get far in life.

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