Which type of booking is most suitable for you?

Life stops for nobody which can get in the way of so many things. We’ve all been there before one way or another. Whether it caught you when you were just a day away from a holiday you’ve been planning for months as it suddenly had to be cancelled last minute or if you were booked in for a business trip which had to be delayed due to factors outside of your control, we have all at one point, experienced the crushing indifference of the universe ruin precious plans, so it’s only natural that you want to plan accordingly and make sure that you never have to go through such a thing again. 

Whether you're looking to meet one of our London escorts for a long-lasting friendship that you can keep coming back to week by week or if you’re looking for a one off night of passion that you will never forget, you will regardless want to be well educated in which type of booking is best suitable for your situation. To make sure that your experience is as smooth and with as little things to stress about as possible, we have decided to compile the ultimate guide to which booking is best for you. 

Incall or Outcall? 

Ever since the start of the escort industry, the age-old question of whether you should book an incall or outcall service has been clouding the minds of clients all across the globe. If you aren’t acquainted with these definitions, let me get you up to speed before explaining the pros and cons of each. 

  • Incalls: An Incall service is where an escort meets you at her place of residence. This can be either a special apartment or house they rent exclusively for incall dates or their actual home where they live. 

  • Outcalls: An outcall service, contrary to incalls, is where the escort travels to you, whether that is your home or a hotel room you are staying in. 

Now that we understand the basic concepts of these terms, let me explain who these dates are best for and why. 

Incalls: As stated above, incall dates allow you to enter the domain of your escort and understand just that much more about them. Whether you visit an incall apartment or their place of residence doesn’t really matter, most escorts take great care in looking after their incall locations and tend to put a lot of their personalities and characters into the decoration and cleanliness of their apartments, which acts as a bigger window into who they are outside of their work. Additionally, incall dates allow your escort to work in a safe, familiar environment for them which in turn allows them to feel safe and comfortable during their service, giving them more peace of mind to focus on making sure that you’re having the best time possible. 

Incall dates are best suited for those types of clients who have an incredibly busy schedule and can’t find the time to make their living environments presentable, clients who prefer to keep their privacy and discretion or prefer to keep their personal life separate from their escorting endeavours or clients who are simply wishing to gain a better understanding of who their dates are with a more intimate chance to get to know them closely. 

Outcalls: If you prefer to stay in the comfort of your home, an outcall date is exactly what you need. Outcalls remove the added effort and stress of travelling to your escort, instead they come straight to your door! Depending on the type of service you seek, an outcall may or may not be more suitable for your situation; for example, if you’re seeking a deeply immersive Girlfriend Experience, an outcall may enhance that experience for you however, if you’re looking for a more domination based experience with plenty of toys and equipment, your apartment might not have all that you wish for. 

Outcall dates are perfect for clients who don’t wish to bother with the effort of travelling to your date and would prefer to have their escorts show up at their doors, if they’re prepared to pay for their date’s travel.

Now that you understand whether you need an incall or outcall, let’s get you situated with the lengths of stay and a few examples of what you could do during said dates. 

How long should I book for?

Especially if you’re a newcomer to escorts, it can be rather easy to get a bit trigger-happy and go for the longest stay possible to make sure you get the most out of your date. Depending on what you’re seeking, this may be to the detriment of your experience. 

30 Minute Meets: While not offered by every girl, a 30 minute meet is still very common amongst London escorts. If you’re in a rush, between meetings or simply not interested in a longer booking, a 30 minute stay might be exactly what you need. A 30 minute meet is the perfect length for a short bit of fun in the bedroom with a bit of time to sit and chat or unwind over a glass of wine. 

1 Hour: The most standard booking. This is essentially the baseline for all escorting meets and is one of the most common bookings. An hour is the perfect amount of time to get to know a bit about your date and leave plenty of time for the more fun activities, whatever they may be, while not being too heavy on your schedule with its relatively short duration. If you’re looking to get a taste of what an escort experience is like, 1 Hour meets is the perfect place to start. A 1 hour meet is the perfect amount of time to spend some time chatting over some champagne before cuddling and getting straight to business with some time left to cuddle a bit more. 

2 Hours: A slightly lengthier booking for those looking to have a bit more time not spent in the bedroom. A 2 hour booking is highly advised for most GFE bookings as it allows you to perfectly split the time between wholesome, intimate activities and more passionate time in the bedroom with no need to worry about being short for time. A 2 hour booking is the perfect amount of time for a dinner in your apartment or watching a movie before enjoying the presence of your escort a little bit closer. 

Overnight stays and longer dates: While obviously more expensive, longer dates such as overnight stays give you the most amount of freedom possible. In these stays, what you do is completely up to you as you have as much time as you wish to do whatever you’d like with your escort. An overnight stay is the perfect amount of time if you wish to spend an evening night with your escort, enjoying a dinner date before spending a whole night with them. If you’re looking for the ultimate GFE experience with the maximum immersion, you want to book overnight.

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