A Punter's Guide: How to Prepare for Your Escort Booking

So, you've taken the bold step of considering a London escort. Well, before you embark on a journey of luxury companionship, let us be your guide on how to prepare for your escort booking with style and finesse. 

After all, it's not just about finding the right luxury companion - it's about making the experience smooth and memorable from the get-go. So, without further ado, join us at Movida Escorts as we delve into the preparations needed for such an encounter: 


Crafting the Perfect Booking Request: 

Ready to hit "send" on that first message? Easy there, tiger. A good booking request isn't just about spicing things up with explicit language. Asking your desired companion if she wants “to get frisky?” won't quite cut it. 

Instead, introduce yourself politely, mention the specifics - date, time, and venue - and express your desires respectfully. Another helpful tip to remember is to avoid flooding their inbox with follow-up messages. They're not playing hard to get, they're just probably busy making other people's fantasies come true.

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Choose an Authentic Escort Provider: 

The internet is a vast sea filled with all sorts of fishy profiles. So, when searching for a genuine experience, steer clear of the clickbait and dive into reputable waters. 

Stick to trusted platforms like Movida Escorts, where authenticity and quality are the norm. By opting for these trusted escort providers, you enhance your chances of finding verified, genuine, and highly-reviewed escorts in London

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Respect Her Boundaries: 

London escorts are fabulous, fascinating individuals with their own set of likes and dislikes. While many are up for a wild ride, it's still crucial for you to communicate your desires and discuss their comfort zones beforehand. 

No guesswork, no surprises - just an open and respectful conversation about what turns you on and what makes them comfortable. Remember, consent is key to building a fulfilling and respectful encounter, free from any unfortunate or awkward experiences. 

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Being fashionably late might work for your friend’s birthday gathering, but in the world of companionship, punctuality is king. 

Arriving on time not only showcases your respect but also gives you extra moments to connect and engage. So, if you're meeting an incall escort at her place, or perhaps even a GFE companion at one of London’s exquisite restaurants, respect her schedule and your promise to be punctual.



Remember, just as your London escort is putting her best foot forward, you should be doing the same. So, if you've opted for an outcall escort to grace your domain, be sure to clean up your bedroom and bathroom to create an inviting atmosphere.

Also, before the big moment, invest a little time in some personal grooming. Take a shower, brush those pearly whites, tame the mane, and trim the edges. Not only will this make you feel great and confident, but it’ll also show that you've put effort into ensuring the best possible experience.

One last thing - don’t forget to choose an outfit that aligns with the encounter you're about to have, be it casual chic, suave sophistication, or tantalisingly tempting. Feel good in what you're wearing, because nothing is more irresistible than confidence.



When you meet your enchanting escort, don't wait for a dramatic moment to fumble for your wallet. Have your payment prepared before your chosen London escort arrives, or pop it in an envelope for those of you meeting a companion in a restaurant. 

When you do meet, hand over the agreed-upon fee discreetly. This ensures that the money business is done, leaving room for more titillating conversations.


Book an Escort with Movida Escorts Today!

And there you have it - a guide on how to prepare for your escort booking. From crafting the perfect first message to respecting boundaries, punctuality, and payment etiquette, these small steps pave the way for a grand adventure.

Browse our gallery and find your match today! Once you’ve found the perfect companion, fill out our online booking form or call us on 07481896868; a journey of seduction, companionship, and unbridled pleasure awaits.

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