Motivation for Escorts

Have you ever thought about escorting? Or perhaps you’re already an escort and recently found yourself wondering what you’re doing. Fear not, we can restore your faith or just open your eyes to the possibilities of escorting.

These aren't huge reasons to become or continue being an escort, but they’re definitely small motivations worth mentioning, and let’s be fair, who amongst us doesn’t need a reassuring boost every now and then?

So let’s run through 6 small motivations for escorts, starting with:

And This One Time...

Escorts meet a number of people, from many different ethical, cultural, moral and financial backgrounds. These people all have a wide array of experiences and perspectives that can differ to yours, and sometimes, be quite entertaining.

Hearing other peoples anecdotes of there sometimes hilarious lives can help you not only appreciate your own but entertain you for a little bit. Clients can tell fascinating stories ranging from horrific to terrific, and sometimes even introduce you to new things you may never have thought to experience on your own such as new music, films, or visit locations you’ve never thought to visit before.

Looking Good

One of the worst things to do when getting ready, put on your best face and clothes only to find cancelled plans and loneliness is on your agenda for the night. This isn’t the case with escorts, whereas a sort of added bonus, you can think of it as getting paid to look good. Part of an escorts job is fancy lingerie, expensive dresses and classy coats.

After all, you are dressing to impress and continually impressing clients can result in more and repeat bookings, increasing your potential earnings and looking better and better as you go.

Don’t Cheque Me

Another perk of working in a cash-dominated industry is...well the cash. Escorts are always paid cash in hand which is a lot more convenient than having cheques or money wired to you.

You don’t have to wait days on end for a bank to finish processing your payments and having cash is also a lot easier to spend should you need to buy anything instantly. Although carrying cash is a little riskier as it’s more prone to losing or getting stolen, it’s still a lot easier to keep track of your cash when you have it with you.

Supply and Demand

Some businesses are very seasonal. For example, if you sell Christmas trees it’s very likely you’re only going to make money or make the bulk of your profit during Christmas time when the trees are in demand. Many businesses suffer from seasonal periods or run the risk of dropping out of popularity completely and having to close their business.

Fortunately, the sex industry doesn’t have to worry about this as interest in the opposite sex isn’t a fad or something that’s even seasonal. Escorts are in demand all year round, and thanks to the workings of a cash-dominated industry, are far less likely to experience a national credit crunch or a drastic drop in bookings.

This isn’t to say escorts don’t have dry spells because they definitely do. This, however, is usually down to clients, and their financial state at the time but in general, escorts are in demand all year round.

For me?! You Shoud have.

What’s the best kind of prize? A Surprise! We all love a little surprise every now and then, a little treat to make us smile or feel that tad bit more valued. Escorts have the odd client who is pleased enough, or just polite enough to get an escort a gift or a treat before, after or sometimes on both occasions to let her know she’s appreciated and valued and her services were enjoyed.

 Sometimes this can range from cash treats to perfume, chocolates, flowers or even clothing. On top of the cash payment, fancy hotels and stunning lingerie, the added treats are definitely a way of staying motivated and happy.

And Then What Did Your Boss Say...?

Many escorts are in a unique position of finding out information they don’t necessarily want to find or need to find out. That being said, escorting can open you up to a world of knowledge and insight information. You may learn a lot about different industries and jobs through just listening to clients. Clients love to talk about their work and passions and along with this, if you’re paying enough attention you can learn about science, history, politics, retail and just about any subject out there. On the other hand, you may be privy to classified information revealed to you though pillow talking. Such as the inner troubles of a law firm or large conglomerate.

Some escorts can use this access to information, as a way to manipulate themselves into better circles and situations through the clients they meet. On the other hand, you may just discover you have a passion for a subject you never thought to tackle such as maths or architecture.

Many escorts study or work outside of their escorting, and wish to pursue other passions and careers further, escorting can be a great way to get an inside peek at many different job roles and industries and maybe even get yourself into some of the same circles.

We understand none of these are clear motivations individually to want to be an escort but as we said, they are definite perks of the job to keep you that bit more motivated.

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