What Are The Most Popular Fetishes?

Worried you have a specific kink or fetish that makes you seem weird? Well, you’re certainly not alone! There are millions across the world with a whole range of fetishes. According to a recent survey of 2,300 people in the UK, 75 percent of people have at least one fetish. Unfortunately, while fetishes and kinks are quickly becoming more mainstream, many still feel there’s a stigma around them making it harder for people to be confident enough to explore/talk about them with their partner. 

What Is A Fetish?

For those who are new to the world of kinks and fetishes it can feel very overwhelming and intimidating, so let’s start with defining what a fetish and kink is. A kink is a sexual activity or act that falls outside the traditional sexual practices, such as roleplaying, BDSM, anal play etc. A fetish, which is a type of kink, is defined as a sexual desire in which pleasure is derived from a particular object, item of clothing or part of the body (an example being foot fetish).

The Important Thing To Remember About Fetishes

The key thing to remember when exploring fetishism is that it’s always important to communicate your likes and that you have consent from your partner to try them. No one is the same, there’s a varying level of kinkiness between everyone, so it's important to establish just how far you or your partner are comfortable going behind closed doors. Yes, it can feel awkward consoling your deepest desires, but in the off chance your partner is open to try them and maybe even shares the same kink, it’s definitely worth it!

The Top 5 Most Popular Fetishes In London

Now that we’ve established exactly what a kink and fetish is, let’s look at which are them are the most popular among our London escort girls:


BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism) is an all-encompassing kink that is by far the most fantasized about among people of all genders. There’s a spectrum of intensity among those who practice BDSM, ranging from those who enjoy mild activity all the up to the extreme. Good examples of light sadomasochism are spanking, hair-pulling and biting, all of which are common across most relationships. Examples of bondage are handcuffs, rope and can also include everyday items such as scarfs.   


Roleplay also ranks as one of the most common kinks. Simply put, it is roleplay with an erotic element that involves two or more people who act out specific roles/characters that represent their sexual fantasy. Popular role plays include nurse/patient (medical fetishism), secretary, teacher/student, dirty cop, schoolgirl, french maid, prison fetish, photographer/model and many more! Role playing can involve elaborate costumes and is used by many couples as an excuse to dress-up, however it’s certainly not required and can be accomplished through just dirty talk and imagination.

Foot Fetish

Foot fetishism is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a sexual interest/sexual pleasure derived from feet. There can be a range of points of attraction that affect the level of sexual interest someone has in another’s feet. Including everything from the shape and size, jewelry (toe rings, anklets etc), smell (olfactophilia) and what they’re wearing, whether it be barefoot, socks, flip flops or high heels.

Anal Play

A Level sex (anal sex) is the direct insertion of a penis into somone’s anus/rectum for sexual pleasure. Anal play involves any other act involves the anus, such as fingering, anilingus and pegging. While anal sex/play is often associated with homosexual men, research has show it to be fairly common among those in heterosexual relationships. While orgasms and sexual stimulation can be achieved through anal play, it is considered a high-risk activity so always be sure you have someone’s full conset before trying it, and be sure to use lubricant!


Watersports, also known as urolagnia, is sexual pleasure that comes from seeing, smelling or the act of urination. A golden shower involves being urinated on, during which it may either be consumed or bathed in. Lighter forms of urolagnia involve getting sexual arousal from as simple as seeing someone else urinate in their pants or clothes. 

Explore Your Kinks & Fetishes With Movida Escorts  

While it is common for individuals to have some level of kinkiness, not everyone shares the same fetish. That’s where we come in! Fetish escorts are the best way to explore your deepest desires in the company of someone who shares the same interest as you. Our girls are experts at what they do and will provide a safe and non-judgemental space for you to bring your fantasies to life. Interested? Check out our full selection of fetish escorts today!

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